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These are the pastors who have spent countless hours of ministry at the Hiram Seventh-day Adventist Church.

1988-1989:  Pastor Ken and Blanche McVay 
1989-1990:  Pastor Peter and Gail Beck
1991-1993:  Pastor Chuck and Sharon Jenkins
1993-1997:  Pastor Ken and Fran O'Guinn
1998-2000:  Pastor Jan and Joy Leffers
2000-2002:  Pastor John and Nani Hulse
2002-2007:  Pastor Henry and Dorthy Uhl
2007-2009:  Pastor Bill and Sherrill Chambers
2009-2011:  Pastor Tabor and Heather Nudd
2011-2013:  Pastor Matthew and Mariesa Tinkham, Jr
2013 - Present:   Pastor Samuel and Traci Ball