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On October 22, 1987, a small group of members of the Douglasville Seventh-day Adventist Church met in the Hiram at the home of Jake and Flora Pethel, desiring to work towards establishing a new sister church in the Hiram area.  It was a small step of faith, but soon the group was meeting at the Flint Hill Methodist Church on Hiram-Sudie Road.  During that period the church company was formed with fifty members signing the church charter.  A few years were spent at the Flint Hill Methodist Church and at a Primitive Baptist Church located in Hiram, before the church family was able to obtain some property on Main Street in Hiram and begin building.

The groundbreaking was a community event, held on March 21, 1992, with the City of Hiram Mayor, Dewy Pendley and George Powell from the Georgia Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in attendance as well as eleven members of the then called Paulding County Seventh-day Adventist Church.

It was a cold winter day when the group first met at the not-quite-finished log cabin church.  Sitting in folding chairs, on a concrete floor, huddled in blankets brought from home around a Coleman heater, faith took another step forward and the completion of thevchurch became an urgent matter.

Many were involved in those early days, and it is a danger to name particular people for fear of missing someone who worked equally as hard.  Some family of those members were a big part of the physical building as well as with donations that were truly a blessing throughout the years of growth in Hiram. 

Original Mission Statement
The focus and purpose of the Hiram Seventh-day Advenitst Church is to reach those who are hurting and those who are not church members.  For this reason our church was planned with a less formal approach to worship and people have been welcomed whether they are "dressed to the nines" or wearing shorts.  We believe the style of building we have chosen and the staine glass mural above our pulpit (dedicated to Jake Pethel in honor of his and Flora's faithfulness and vision) reflect our desire to be a comfortable, friendly, loving place for those who desire a less formal, traditional type of church service.  It is our prayer that all who come through our doors will see and know this is a Christ-centered church desiring to share God's message to all.  As we continue to grow, we also pray that this building will be a sanctuary to all who enter and that we can be a light in the community, serving our fellow man and making our community a better place.